Pediatric Services

Children begin getting their first set of teeth around 6 months of age and around 6 or 7 start to lose their first set of teeth and get their adult teeth. Pediatric dentistry addresses oral health needs of infants up to children in their teen years. Taking care of the teeth even at a very early age can set the stage for a lifetime of good oral health.

Pediatric dentistry begins at the earliest ages with infant oral health exams where inheritable risk factors such as high propensity for cavities in parents are discussed. Periodic teeth cleanings and fluoride treatments keep developing children’s teeth healthy. Repair of cavities or defects in developing teeth may also be necessary.

In addition to taking care of cleanings and filling cavities, pediatric dentistry involves counseling parents on developing good oral hygiene habits in children such as brushing and flossing and avoiding those habits with long term consequences such as thumb sucking. Monitoring and early intervention can also help make issues involving teeth straightening or improper bite development less complicated to correct in the long term.

Outside of keeping good care of developing teeth, a pediatric dentist possesses special skills in working with younger patients who are not always content to sit in the exam chair and calmly have a difficult procedure completed. They realize that you can’t related to young patients as just small adults. Specialized care is required when working with pediatric patients. Our office features specialized equipment for caring for smaller patients.

If you have a youngster in your family, getting them regular dental care is vital to ensuring they develop healthy teeth that will last a lifetime. Establishing routines to keep teeth healthy and happy now will result in strong oral health habits that follow them well into adulthood. Make an appointment to come by our office to see our dentist and talk about how our pediatric dentistry can help.