Composite Restoration

A damaged or partially-rotten tooth can be a source of major embarrassment to many patients we work with. Not being able to smile confidently, feeling self-conscious, can be quite frustrating. The great news with composite restoration is that these damaged teeth can be restored to a like-new condition using this technique. No more hidden smiles or lack of confidence!

Composite restoration is a process where a resin and glass mixture is molded onto a damaged or rotten tooth to restore it to it’s original shape and color. The resin is built up onto the original tooth one layer at a time. The resin bonds with the original tooth’s biological structure to ensure a lasting fix that rivals that of the original tooth.

Once the resin has been layered up to the desired height and thickness, it is smoothed and shaped by the dentist to match that of the original tooth. Once the tooth shaping is complete, a sealer is placed over the composite resin to seal it. The color of the composite resin can be adjusted for an exact match to the original tooth’s color.

If you’ve been slow to smile because there’s something not quite right with your smile, composite restoration may be just what you need to bring back your old level of confidence in your smile. If this sounds interesting, call and ask us to schedule a time for a consultation.