Emergency Dental Care

Life happens, sometimes at just the wrong time. There are few things in the world as painful as a tooth abscess that’s just begun to beat the war drum or a filling that came out right in the middle of a bowl of popcorn at your favorite movie. We provide emergency dental care to our patients. Your dental emergency is our priority and we’re ready to help whenever life throws you a curveball.

Accidents are a common cause of dental care that can’t wait for a dentist’s normal business hours. Knocked out or broken teeth as a result of a sporting or adventure related activity is one of the most frequent reasons for receiving after hours dental care. Depending on the severity and placement of the injury, chipping or cracking a tooth during an activity may also necessitate emergency care.

The failure of previously-installed dental work is sometimes the cause of emergency situations also. Fillings don’t stay in forever, and sometimes chose just the wrong time to wring loose. A cracked bridge or an dental implant can also be the source of pain the likes of which is seldom felt in everyday life. Infections in teeth or abscesses that have become so inflamed they cannot safely wait to be addressed are cause for emergency dental care as well.

We understanding that dental emergencies happen and waiting until regular business hours isn’t always an option. If you’re in need of help taking care of one of these dental emergencies, call us. We’ll act quickly to help resolve your issue and get you feeling back to normal quickly.