Oral Surgery

There are quite a few oral surgery procedures out there and many reasons for having one done. We do many common oral surgery procedures right here in our office. We’re well equipped to make your surgery as comfortable and stress free an experience as possible. Dr. Keenan has extensive experience with a variety of oral surgery procedures.

One of the most common types of oral surgery involves removing the wisdom teeth. This third set of molars are the teeth that most often end up needing to be removed. It’s not uncommon for them to be removed simply because there is not enough space for them to emerge without crowding out existing teeth or failing to emerge from the gum like they should.

Tooth extractions would also necessitate the need for oral surgery. If the tooth is infected or has become loosened due to poor oral hygiene below the gums it may need to be removed. Preparation for dentures will sometimes also be a reason for teeth to be extracted.

Another frequently done oral surgery is to prepare a patient for a dental implant. With a dental implant, the metal post must first be inserted into the jawbone and allowed time to heal in place before the crown is placed onto the post to create the look and feel of a natural tooth.

Finally, if we find something that looks suspicious during our oral cancer screening that is included as part of our comprehensive oral exam we may take a biopsy of the affected tissue to send to our lab for analysis. During a biopsy procedure the dentist will cut off a small part of the tissue in order to get a sample large enough for testing.

There are many reasons for needing oral surgery. But whatever the cause, we’re experienced and equipped to make your experience a positive one. Our dentist takes the time to explain each procedure and answer any questions ahead of time. That way, you’re comfortable with the process before it even begins.