Night Guards

Do you wake up in the morning with headaches or with teeth or your jaw feeling sore? If so, you may want to contact us to see if you are part of the 15% of Americans that suffer from a condition called bruxism. Bruxism is a fancy word for grinding your teeth at night. This common condition is something that’s easy to remedy the effects of with the use of a night guard and other minor lifestyle adjustments.

There are several treatments for bruxism, the most common of which is a night guard. A night guard is a plastic mouthpiece that you wear at night. It keeps your teeth from rubbing together and provides some cushioning for the clenching your jaw experiences with night grinding. In order to make sure we get you a perfect fitting night guard, impressions of your teeth are taken at the dentist’s office and sent off to a dental lab. At the lab, they create a custom night guard that matches the mold taken at the dentist’s office. When the night guard comes back from the lab, we’ll bring you in for a custom fitting to make sure that everything is fitting comfortably and ready for you to use. We’ll discuss how to care for your night guard and other factors you may be able to control that would help ease the severity of your nighttime teeth grinding.

Some simple adjustments like avoiding caffeine later in the day or reducing the level of stress you experience during the day by doing yoga or exercising regularly can help to lessen the effects. So if you’re tired of experiencing the pain of night grinding, come see us to talk about how custom fitting night guards can help!