Cosmetic - Whitening / Bleaching

Teeth whitening is by far the most commonly-used type of cosmetic dentistry procedure. From in-home whitening kits you buy at the grocery store to the professional-grade cosmetic whitening treatments we offer here at our office, the desired result is whiter teeth that radiate a vibrant smile.

There are many reasons that teeth lose their whiteness over time. Teeth are porous and allow stains to penetrate the enamel on the surface of the teeth. Drinking dark-colored liquids like coffee, tea or red wine can help to accelerate the process of darkening your teeth over time. Poor dental care can also be an aggravating factor. Age can also play a role as the enamel on your teeth thins over time, allowing the teeth’s appearance to darken more quickly. Whatever the reason for darkening or staining may be, the good news is in nearly all cases, your teeth’s original whiteness can be restored.

While there are many options for whitening teeth that don’t involve a trip to the dentist, over-the-counter treatments do have some significant disadvantages over a professional whitening. Do-at-home kits aren’t customized to your teeth. Whitening strips don’t always reach all surfaces of each tooth, leading to inconsistent surface whitening. The concentration of the whitening agent is also significantly lower in commercially available whitening kits. We always make sure we’re wearing our sunglasses after each whitening appointment (haha)!

A cosmetic whitening at our office will involve one to several appointments, depending on the level of staining. In-office whitening sessions usually last about an hour. The results of the whitening vary depending on the types of beverages and foods the patient eats and drinks as well as their level of daily dental care. But it is not usual for a professional whitening to last for 8 months of longer.

If you’ve been frustrated with the results you’ve been able to get from over-the-counter whitening kits or just have questions about what a professional whitening could do for your smile, feel free to give us a call!