Nitrous Oxide

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Nitrous Oxide

Going to the dentist for a procedure can make even the bravest people nervous. The thought of drills, tools, and lectures on flossing and brushing cause some people to a little bit skittish. That’s where nitrous oxide comes in. This breathable gas helps people to feel more at ease and can take some of the edge of a painful sensations. The gas is mixed with oxygen and administered by breathing in through a small mask placed over the nose. More commonly known as “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide is used by our dentist to help with patients who need some extra relaxing and pain reduction (but don’t worry, you won’t be laughing uncontrollably with this mixture!). Nitrous has the benefit of being able to combine with other more powerful painkillers. So if you need both to stay comfortable, we’ve got you covered.

Nitrous oxide has many benefits that make it so popular for use in dentistry. Even though it does a very thorough job of relaxing people in the span of just a few minutes, it wears off very quickly after you stop breathing it. You remain completely conscious the entire time and are aware of your surroundings. This allows you to hear and respond to the dentist and any directions he may have for you during the procedure.

The side effects are few. Some people report that it makes their arms and legs feel heavy or tingly while they’re actively breathing it. Unlike many other forms of sedation methods, you may even be able to drive yourself home after the procedure is done.

If being anxious or afraid of going to see the dentist has kept you away from getting regular dental care, come talk to us about how nitrous oxide can be used to help make coming to visit easier on you. There’s no need to allow fear to block you from receiving the care you need.