You were told that adult teeth were built to last a lifetime. Unfortunately, life is filled with many perils for your teeth and they can’t always take you the distance. There are lots of reasons why you may need to part with a tooth earlier than you expected.

One common reason is there just may not be enough space in your mouth to accommodate them all. Teeth sometimes need to be extracted because they’re too tightly spaced and they’re pushing your other teeth out of their original positions. Sometimes a tooth can’t even emerge from below the gum because there are just too many teeth already above it. Often the dentist will recommend removing the tooth before it tries to emerge on it’s own.

Another very common cause is an infection. If a cavity has reached the root of the tooth where the nerve and blood vessels are, the tooth may need to go before the infection spreads to the bone or other areas in the mouth. Similarly, if gum disease has developed unchecked the tooth can loosen from the bone and need to be taken out.

Whatever the reason your tooth may need to hit the road, Dr. Keenan has the experience and equipment to make your extraction pain-free.

In several weeks, you’ll come in for a follow up visit to ensure that everything is healing properly. At this time the dentist may discuss options with you such as beginning the process of creating a dental implant to take the place of the tooth that’s been removed.